15th March 2013

As usual we started with a game.
It was a ball game and the object was to keep the balls out of your quarter.

The sixers and the seconders did some woggle making.  The rest of the pack did some work on water safety and what gear to wear to keep you warm.

We then did some pioneering and learnt how to make tripods by first of all wrapping (looping the rope in and out of the three sticks) and then frapping (looping the rope around the string between each of the sticks).  We’ll be expecting great pioneering when we go on camp as they all did really well.

Two of the cubs presented their skills at the meeting. One had made a toy man out of string and wire and pins, and the other demonstrated his football skills that he had learnt.

We finished off with presentation of a lot of well earned badges.

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