18th January 2013

Tonight saw the start of the Inter-six trophy. After inspection & a game it began…everyone had to take off their shoes & each six had to find their own shoes in semi darkness! it was hilarious as many cubs ended up with odd ones on initially or were walking around with only one shoe on. Then each six had to act out a scenario & the others had to guess what it was i.e receive a surprise bouquet of flowers, accept an Oscar …etc.
It was followed by Compass & Map work, Cubs learnt compass points, how to take a bearing, read a map to locate various places by latitude & longitude & to find places on their own area map.
Our Scout helpers then set the gang a challenge to get a plastic cup filled with precious jewels across to the Maindeck to the remainder of their six using only cardboard rolls & wool. All Sixes successfully completed this. At parade Derville gave out the programme of activities for the next few weeks.

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