30th November 2012

Meeting started on time with a very full attendance.

First off we had the usual raising of the flag.

This was followed by a game. All the cubs lined out in threes around the compass points. The game entails the game organiser calling out a number (1-3) along with a direction (left or right) and an action to be carried out such as an arch or a bridge. for example “number two to the right and do an arch”. On hearing this, the relevant cubs would run around the compass in the direction requested and once around the circle would go under an arch created by the other 2 cubs in their 3. The first to complete it wins that point.

After that we split into a couple of groups so that we could focus on the different skills for the various badge levels.

Some work on the sliver boat and badge, boat parts, some knots and some safety aspects. We had some great help from a couple of the venturers who went through these with the cubs.

This was followed by some fun with the chocolate bar game…all the cubs circled around the compass and with a pair of dice, each one in turn tries to roll a seven. If they get a seven, they get to go to one of two plates where there is a chocolate bar and a knife and fork. They can only eat the chocolate using their knife and fork, no hands allowed on the chocolate. The goal , to get to eat a bit of chocolate before the next cub in the circle can roll a seven. The excitement was great.


After that, we did 2 rounds of our theme song…bananas of the world reunite.

We then closed the meeting with the lowering of the flag.

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